Creating Innovative Solutions To Meet The Needs Of Our Ever Changing World

Repair to Automated Mechanical Solutions


When you transform raw material into a finished good, the correct process will ensure quality, and overall efficiency. With our vast manufacturing experience, we can provide a finished product or a turn key internal process.           (716)-807-6831

JA Custom Works Inc.

Entry Level to Expert Workforce Training


When your personnel are trained to preform there tasks safely and correctly, when proper cross training is provided your Human Resources become your greatest asset. Let us show you how.

Product development

There is a specific engineering  process that needs to be followed when you are developing a tangible product. We make that process simple from start to finish.


Where there is a problem that is costing you money, you need to innovate a permanent solution. We take a hands on and analytical approach to determine the root cause of your problem.

Manufacturing ​Engineering to Assembling

Product Development Prototype to Production